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By Srbislav Brasovan, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Director of the Research and Development Department and Chairman of the Institutional Review Board at Tuning Element, L.L.C. ABSTRACT:  Objectives: Develop supportive adjunct in pain management to decrease opioid use. Material and methods: We utilized 3×3 cm Silicon Patches infused with Titanium Salt (SPTS) and imprinted with Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEMF). Being semiconductors, they are passive ELEMF products. SPTS are activated by a Human Biofield. When in contact with the skin, skin acts as … Read More

Did you know that Cats Use Frequencies for Self-Care?

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Cats love Tuning Element frequencies

We have all heard the saying cats have nine lives. The cat is an amazing creature with great resiliency which has long captured the fascination of scientists and doctors. In Dr. Nenah Sylver’s book the Rife Handbook, she highlights a famous veterinarian study that took a look at how cats seem to escaped death on a regular basis1. In the study, the researchers reviewed many cases where cats have fallen out of windows and balconies of high rise buildings. They … Read More

Wife reports that don’t snore anymore : Testimony

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“Being a 64 year old man with mild arthritis in my left foot, Knee & elbow, I have noticed a marked relief of pain. My wife also reports That I do not snore & breath much better in my sleep. I have recommend This Bracelet To many of my friends & relatives. I believe many have purchased Them.” Theodore C. Paganis The testimony above is one from Randy’s file. Randy has headed up our customer service department for years. He … Read More

Testimony: Walking in Wal-mart for the first time in 20 years.

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“A lady had been relying on the motorized cart in Wal-mart to help her with shopping for 20 years. After buying a Tuning Element bracelet, she had more energy. Now, at age 83, she’s walking in Wal-mart for the first time in 20 years to do her shopping!” The testimony above is one from Randy’s file. Randy has headed up our customer service department for years. He kelp is his desk labeled “Awesome Testimonies.” So we thought that if they … Read More

Testimony: Sinus started draining within minutes!

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I woke during the night with a totally clogged left sinus.  I got up and did a sinus irrigation with salt water and 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract concentrate.  It stung, which told me there was bacteria present.  I also used hydrogen peroxide diluted with a few drops of water in each ear for 10 min to catch the bacteria that might be lurking and contributing there..  I took some oregano capsules and went back to bed. I got up … Read More

Testimony: Dog suffered from separation anxiety.

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“My dog suffered from separation anxiety and hot spots he was a rescue dog who had panic attacks around crowds of people since wearing the dog collar by tuning element he no longer has any of these issues and now travels to horse shows every weekend and loves meeting new people bandit is 3 yrs old tibitian terrier who is like my son I would of paid any price to have him happy.Proud to wear tuning element” – Shawna S … Read More

Testimony: Competitive gymnast for many years.

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“I was a competitive gymnast for many years when I was younger. I also ride and show multiple disciplines including the AQHA all-around events, barrel racing and roping. Because of my competitive gymnastics career I have had numerous surgeries including; 5 knee surgeries, a shoulder surgery and a back surgery. I have chronic lower back pain and trouble sleeping. I also have aches in my knees on a regular basis from being extremely active. I went to the March to … Read More

Testimony: It was like she was a puppy again.

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“The Tuning Element technology is not only extremely beneficial to humans, but I can’t say enough about what the product did for my best canine friend, Sophie. Three years ago she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor that had to be removed. About a year later she started showing signs of arthritis. We were contemplating having her put to sleep and would have if it had not been for this product. We put a bracelet into her collar and it … Read More

Testimony: Dropped a cabinet on his toe

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“My youngest son dropped a cabinet on his toe when we were moving,” Vita said. “We put some of the patches on him and a level 4 necklace. He said it stung a little bit, but he didn’t feel (bad) at all, even though his toe turned black and blue.”Just to make sure everything was OK, she took her son to the ER. The doctor there said “That’s a different kind of bruising,” referring to the patches.“Actually, those are 5-Minute … Read More

Testimony: Shaky trigger finger.

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“A Tuning Element dealer in Ashtabula, Ohio told us about a couple of guys she met on July 5, 2019 at an Independence Day Festival in nearby Conneaut.  After letting them try on the Level 3 Corslet bracelets and telling them about how frequencies have helped them and their family members, one of the guys asked our dealer “What can you do for this?”He held out his left hand, which was shaking horribly. He shared that he had been active … Read More