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Sleep Necklace

Got jet lag?  Need more restful sleep? The Sleep Necklace by Tuning Element supports better sleep quality. It uses natural frequencies through skin contact to assist in melatonin production and sleep processes. Think of it like a flash drive for your body, it has beneficial frequency data stored permanently in it, but it needs a 'computer' (you) to function. You provide the power when it touches your skin because your body produces electricity every second. Likewise, these frequencies are "read" by corresponding cells related to sleep and their natural response is to function better, thus improving your sleep. 

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Sleep like a ___ again. Tuning Element technology helps promote ATP production and other sleep processes.1, 2

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“I sleep like a baby, when I wake I’m full of energy and no pain getting up. The balance thing really works. All in all I just feel better all the way around.”Janice, Kansas