Re-live your youth with Tuning Element. Aches and pains from the daily stresses of life take their toll. Our products are engineered for life enhancement so you can re-new your life and discover the many possibilities. Naturally revolutionize your life with Tuning Element’s Bio-Energetic Alignment Technology™ (B.E.A.T.™)


You wouldn't let your car go without a tune up over a long period of time. The same should apply to your body. Our products are engineered to create the highest quality of life, helping you to re-invent yourself and live your youth again no matter your age or challenge. Experience how Tuning Element can simplify your life.


We have re-engineered pain relief and health management to be highly effective, all natural, and radically innovative. Accelerate your quality of life using our products and love to live your life. Join the many who have become part of the innovative "tuned" health movement.

"The bracelet has improved my life. I can do and go more now at the age of 61 years than I have in years."

"When I bought my bracelet, I was in a wheel chair. I was also taking hydrocodone 3 times a day. I am completely out of the wheel chair, I am taking hydrocodone at night, and the swelling in my knees has gone down."

"I was not sure this would work, but it does work. My back pain was getting worse. I take my bracelet off and put it on my back and it eased up."

"Amazing results in all areas. I am always very skeptical of things like this but must admit the difference in my daily life is hard to imagine! I am a believer now!"

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    Genesis Gold

    This is our newest Level 1 series featuring dual tone gold and brushed stainless steel links making it  classy and desirable. Great for men and women…

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    Ceramic 2-Tone

    Enjoy the next generation of everyday elegance with this snow white 2 tone polished ceramic bracelet that includes high quality precious CZ stones….

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    This contemporary style surgical grade stainless steel bracelet features stylish links connected by a solid Tuning Element logo. Bracelet secures…

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