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First on the list is our groundbreaking NutraPad, crafted from durable stainless steel and precision-tuned with Schumann resonances, geomagnetic frequencies, and specialized frequencies designed to enhance nutrition absorption from food. Placing any dish, plate, or bowl on the pad allows you to experience the benefits of this frequency tuning, revolutionizing your dining experience. Get one free with a minimum order of $2,500.

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For coffee lovers, we present the JavaTune, a portable coffee travel mug meticulously tuned with Schumann resonances, geomagnetic frequencies, and specific frequencies to elevate the flavor, balance, and smoothness of your coffee. It’s the perfect companion for your daily caffeine fix, enhancing your coffee enjoyment on the go. Get one free with a minimum order of $4,000.

Free Oasis 40oz Bottle

Experience a 200% Water Enhancement Boost! Introducing the Oasis 40oz Water Bottle – Your Hydration Game-Changer! Transform your water into structured perfection in just 60 seconds! Obtain one FREE when you purchase a Level 5 or 5+ necklace. We’ll include it in your order automatically. Simply inform us in the order notes which bottle color you prefer: sleek black or refreshing teal.

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Order Instructions

Your promotional product will be seamlessly added to your order automatically. If you qualify for multiple promotional items, our team will contact you to confirm your selections. When it comes to choosing your preferred bottle color, please specify in the order notes section during the checkout process. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible.

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