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3 Easy Ways Tuning Element Rekindles Life!


Boost Your Body’s Function

Tuning Element products use supportive pro-cellular health nanotechnology to supports your body’s internal energetic systems to quickly restore your body to its full function.

Naturally Better

Just Add Water

Our bodies are designed to function together with water. Our energetic technology supports better circulation enhancing water’s life giving properties to improve your body’s natural abilities.

Sound Sleep

More is Less...Until It’s Better

Tuning Element helps you sleep better and deeper, restoring your bodies function and energy, getting you back to active living. Sleeping more is good, sleeping better is essential!


Doctor & Study Approved

We have been recommended by medical professionals to increase patient benefits. Our technology is real and backed by university studies showing it as non-harmful without side effects.



Mode of Action of Tuning Element™ Relief Patches (TERP)

Dr. Brasovan S, MD, FACOG

Director of Research & Development


                It is time to revisit the paradigm of bio-chemical approach to pathophysiology and pharmacology. Initial pathological processes occur actually on quantum-molecular level, not addressed by bio-chemical paradigm. Utilizing a pharmacological approach to treat pathophysiological changes already in progress is time consuming, costly and laden with physical and psychological side-effects. With the development of quantum physics, a new possibility to look into pathophysiology has emerged. Quantum bio-physics gave birth of Quantum Evidence Based Medicine in the last century. A great number of research projects have been going in that direction, too numerous to mention. To quote May Wan-Ho: Human body is made up of “quantum molecular machines”16

                In the last decade, a new class of health-related products developed, that utilizes Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies (ELEMF). The frequencies in these items are imprinted with an energetic message, which is passively transmitted through skin contact. This type of imprinting technology is not new. Presently this technology is used every day in electronics utilizing different frequencies. Tuning Element, L.L.C. is pioneering in production of passive ELEMF items that are presently available to support health and well-being.*

                Tuning Element Relief Patches (TERP) are 4x4 cm patches, applied to painful areas of the body. Lasting from a few days to over a week, they don't fall off and cannot be felt by the wearer. They can be worn in water, so taking a bath or shower, or going swimming, will not damage them. The patches work strictly by sending vibrational information to the body. These patches contain frequencies for the promotion of pain relief. TERP are non-invasive and permanently attuned with passive ELEMF's.

                TERP have been used as post-surgical, menstrual and general pain management in clinics for last 3 years with great success. TERP's use no medications, herbals or supplements. They do no require an electrical power supply, such as a battery. They should be considered as a passive energy product. TERP are available over the counter in Health Food Stores and Pharmacies in the US.

                TERP technology was developed in 2010. TERP are silicon based Titanium Salt infused adhesive patches, 4x4 cm in diameter. They have no additives. The TERP has a removable plastic cover and a paper backing. TERP imbedded with ELEMF are absolutely harmless. TERP last 3 to 8 days and wear off naturally. Despite many positive anecdotal reports and testimonials, Tuning Element, L.L.C. optioned to pursue mindful clinical data research to support its claim. A Phase 1 study was done in 2015 at Missouri State University (MSU) Center for Biomedical and Life Science and concluded that TERP’s are harmless and that may enhance surgical wound healing. Currently, a Phase 2 study is underway at MSU and 2 medical clinics on postoperative pain management. Our mid-study results are extremely promising so far. The Phase 2 study is expected to last 1 year.

                Pain is a major cause of suffering in the general population and has a major impact on the economy. Health economists from Johns Hopkins University reported in The Journal of Pain, the annual cost of acute and chronic pain is as high as $635 billion a year, which is more than the yearly costs for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.1

We have anecdotal data that TERP can complement and add to control of acute post-surgical pain. The anecdotal data strongly suggests that TERP can offer safe and cost effective pain management.

                What Thomas Huxley stated about 150 years ago, rings true today: “every living cell is consisted of protoplasm which is physical basis of life.”2 The supportive Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies (ELEMF) emitted by TERP provide the correct frequency information and promote healthy protoplasm with high energy and low entropy in the living cell resting living state12. The frequencies in these items are imprinted with an energetic message, which is passively transmitted, producing bioenergy field when in contact with skin. The bioenergy field is electromagnetic, biophoton induced3, coherent and non-linear. Internally this electromagnetism is created by atomic action of protoplasm caused by the piezoelectric capacity of connective tissue.4 In humans, internal frequencies merge with material, external energy to form a Human Bioenergy Field.5 This action can be studied scientifically with the advent of objective monitoring instruments: the Egely Wheel, the Electronic Muscle Tester, Galvanic Skin Response instruments6 and Bio-Well cameras.7

                Biological systems possess the ability to create and utilize coherent oscillation and respond to external oscillation.8 Applications of certain frequencies by frequency generating devices such as TERP produces electromagnetic resonance within the cellular structure. Those changes will facilitate the water to be structured in a cell and the Extracellular Matrix. These changes in water molecules will affect the configurations and liquid crystal properties of peptides, proteins, cell membranes, organelle membranes and DNA9 to respond in this case to pain stimuli thus facilitating pain modulation. This can be scientifically measured using the Resonant Recognition Model (RRM). “ Resonant Recognition Model can be used as universal tool in predicting protein, RNA and DNA electromagnetic resonances in the wide frequency range. Keeping in mind that earlier predictions with tubulin molecules have been experimentally proved, the RRM could be used as a powerful universal method for predicting the electromagnetic resonances in biological macromolecules that could be used in experimental planning and in conjunction with experiments to minimize time and expenditure in exploring such complex macromolecular systems.”10,11 The human body is complex living system with a number of different chemical, electrical and mechanical processes running simultaneously and continuously. All those processes depend on healthy protoplasm whose normal function depends on structured water molecules. In Ling’s Association-Induction (AI) hypothesis the minimal unit of living matter is not the living cell but its building block, the protoplasm. Weak modulation of Hertzian Energy activates selective absorption of K+ over Na+ and allows ATP channels in the cell when exposed to ELEMF to resonate, activating RNA and DNA restoring normal homeostasis.12 Stochastic resonance enables this action.13 Water molecules are the base of protoplasm in cells and connective tissue. Exposed to ELEMF those molecules are energized and build “ordered” Exclusion Zone (EZ). EZ is unexpectedly large zone of water that forms next to many submersed materials, which got its name because it excludes practically everything. The EZ contains lot of charge, and its character differs from that of bulk water.14 EZ requires electromagnetic energy according to G.H. Pollack14. Water molecules concentrating their interaction with one another are living typical in the gap between the liquid water and the wall (EZ). They look like multiple strands of pearls twisted together.15 This structured (energized) water exposed to ELEMF , maintains normal protoplasm, activating ATP, RNA and DNA, promoting its normal function,16 following the principal of AI and RRM. This is statement is based on the findings that certain periodicities within the distribution of energy of delocalized electrons along a protein molecule are critical for protein biological function and/or interaction with their targets.17 Mai Wan-Ho stats: “Water is central to the action of quantum molecular machines…Water is the means, medium and message of life.”16

                TERP are site specific and should be applied to the skin. Skin behaves as a capacitor. TERP are charged with dozens of different ELEMF that specifically act as an endorphin enhancer. When applied to trigger points they act, as we speculate, by resonance with acupuncture points, activating appropriate meridians, sending the frequency signal for activation and production of either of two pentapeptides (leu-enkephalin and met-enkephalin), potent analgesic neurotransmitter peptide endorphins.

                We believe that technology using ELEMF and the same principal of action is opening the door to a wide variety of new products, with different frequencies and applications for promoting health and well-being. Those products will be affordable, without side effects, free of medication, and totally harmless.


*This statement was not evaluated by FDA.



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