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Andrew’s story

Police Officer

I can eat again

My hands are not swollen any longer.  We have told everyone about the bracelet.  I can grip with my fingers now, it is truly amazing.

Nancy from Kentucky
5 Min Relief Patch

Push-up Test

Law Enforcement

The joint discomfort I have has improved a great deal.  I sleep better than before.  I am so glad I stopped and got my bracelet.  Thanks.

James from Florida


Doctor’s Advice

Huge Skeptic

With the Tuning Element I had instant relief from jonit discomfort in my knees and stiffness in my neck has lessened.  Though, I did receive some muscle soreness in my knees, because I use them again.  It wasn't bad and the soreness left in 3 days.  To this day I am still discomfort free.  I never took it off and I even swam with it on.  This was a great purchase and I am still happy with it as of this day.

Mary from Missouri
Couple Gets Results
More Range of Motion with Level 1
Straighten Finger with a Level 1
Actor, Hall of Famer
Tears of Joy
After A Stroke
Mike with a Level 1 Bracelet
Regain Feeling with a Level 1 Bracelet
Spinal Issues
What is Tuning Element Technology
Young Girl Improves After a Stroke

Had a lot of discomfort in joints and legs and the discomfort has gone away since wearing the bracelet.  I have been wearing it for 3 weeks and I feel wonderful!

Mable from South Carolina

Able to relax and sleep better at night, reduce discomfort from feet (planters Facias), and reduced arthritis discomfort after bowling.

Otis from Texas

I sleep like a baby, when I wake I'm full of energy and no discomfort getting up.  The balance thing really works.  All in all I just feel better all the way around.

Janice from Kansas

I started wearing the Tuning Element bracelet after I had major surgery.  It helped somewhat with the discomfort and discomfort, along with accelerating the healing process.  I wear it every day.

Angela from Maryland

I have been a mechanic for 24 years.  I have lived with constant back and knee discomfort for years.  Wearing the Tuning Element bracelet has caused the discomfort to subside.  It is also easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Tim from Missouri

Putting necklace around neck immediately relieved discomfort of arthritis in both hands.  At that time I could move all fingers and manipulate hands.  At a later time the discomfort lessened in my hips, knees, and shoulders, as well as my neck.

Raymond from Utah