There is only one Tuning Element. Accept no substitutes.

Why Tuning Element?

Tuning Element products and customer results are unparalleled. Our scientific breakthroughs in bionanoscience gave birth to the first Tuning Element bracelet. There are no substitutes with the same level of craftsmanship, design, efficiency & safety. Tuning Element is the first to introduce the concept of guaranteed embedded frequencies in wearable and lifestyle products – although you’ll find some other approaches on the market – ours is the only one to ensure long-lasting, worry-free usability with peer-reviewed studies published in medical and scientific journals.

Today Tuning Element products are sold and shipped worldwide, both online and via selected authorized resellers. Tuning Element products will always feature our Tuning Element logo as our mark of product and technology excellence. Tuning Element was created with a mission to support the human body with beneficial frequency blends that optimize cell function. We regularly introduce new products, blends, and accessories, ensuring that Tuning Element customers and their families are always sure to find the Tuning Element product that will fit perfectly into their daily lives.


Legal Protection

We are tirelessly enforcing our intellectual property rights for our products, including, but not limited to, our ownership of the distinctive Tuning Element product designs as well as our other trademarks, and copyrights worldwide. Tuning Element takes steps to vigorously protect its brand and intellectual property rights to make sure the Tuning Element products you purchase and use are authentic. Our brand protection enforcement efforts take many forms. There are many features that customers can identify to authenticate a Tuning Element product, including but not limited to, our Tuning Element trademarks, reputable and authorized retailers.

Tuning Element carefully selects its authorized retailers, resellers, international distributors, and other partners and limits sales on online marketplaces such as,,, to a small number of trusted partners.

Tuning Element expressly disclaims any warranty or fitness of merchantability claim to consumers who purchase allegedly-authentic Tuning Element products from an unauthorized retailer or store.

If you find an imitation Tuning Element product or would like to communicate with us regarding the authenticity of your product or if you’re in doubt if the outlet you purchased your Tuning Element product from is an authorized retailer, please email us at i[email protected] with a description of your complaint and any accompanying information, including photographs.