It’s Never Been Easier To Change Your Life.

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It’s Never Been Easier To Change Your Life.

Many people who have benefited from Tuning Element products often want to share this new discovery with others. If that’s you – and  you don’t mind stretching outside of your circle of friends and family – please consider what your business plan would look like and take the next step in becoming an Authorized Tuning Element Dealer.


Newly Authorized Tuning Element Dealers start their business with the best energetic health products on the market today. With a business where customers quickly see the difference in their body,  you can quickly change your life as you’re helping others change their lives at the same time.


Tuning Element is committed to our dealer’s success through special dealer events, ongoing communication and training, marketing materials, eCommerce support and exclusive dealer pricing on select new products.

Exclusive Dealer Pricing
As most new products are introduced, Tuning Element gives dealers special pricing below wholesale to kick off the new arrivals.

Marketing Support
Dealers gain access to the Tuning Element library of marketing materials for print advertising and online marketing.

eCommerce Platform
You don’t need to create your own website. All dealers are offered a free affiliate link to which tracks dealer customers and pays you a commission on your customer’s purchases.

Dealer Training Events
Tuning Element provides ongoing training through our private dealer group on Facebook. We cover product education, new resources, marketing tips, customer service suggestions, and more.