Tuning Element Science and Research


Tuning Element's products are designed by doctors and scientists working with an Independent Medical Review Board to improve your quality of life. We do so by supporting pain management, cell communication, and specific areas of the body's electric system, also known as the human Biofield. Our product's capability to support the body's natural functions has been shown in peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature.

"Why suffer... if you don't have to?"
Srbislav Brasovan, MD, FACOG

Introduction to Tuning Element Technology and Products

In this video, you'll learn how cells use frequency signals and Tuning Element.

Improving Cell Communication Improves Wellness

BE Well Patches can improve the condition of Autism and Attention Deficit Disorders.

Mode of Action by Dr. Srbislav "Srba" Brasovan, FACOG

Step into a new understanding of frequency health and wellness with Dr. Srba's Mode of Action.

The Human Electric System, the Biofield Explained

The term Biofield is recognized by the United States National Library of Medicine.

Published in IEEE Transactions On Nanobioscience

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers reviewed and published research on Tuning Element.

Highlighted in Rhythmic Oscillations to Human Cognition

A 3rd party study on TE was included in Anirban Bandyopadyay and Kanas Ray's book on  rhythmic engineering.

Tuning Element Published in Medical Data Journal

Five Minute Relief Patches have a significant role as a supportive adjunct in pain control.

Included in the Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy

The Rife Handbook is recognized worldwide for explaining the frequency wellness industry.

University Study Findings: Improves Empirical Healing

Studied by Dr. Paul Durham, MSU Director of Cell Biology and the Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences.

Everything in life is vibration emitting frequencies.

• Our eyes see frequencies as color in the visible light spectrum.
• The sun emits our visible frequency, which is a small portion of the sun's radiation.
• Our ears hear frequencies known as sound waves.
• Our sense of smell is a function of the cells in our nostrils detecting frequencies emitted by particles in the air. The brain decodes the recorded frequencies.
• The heart emits frequencies measured by EKG machines.
• The brain radiates frequencies measured by EEG machines.

A global shift away from natural remedies dramatically changed the health and wellness industry one hundred years ago. Many health disciplines were marginalized, such as chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, energy medicine, and the use of natural frequencies.

A resurgence to reincorporate natural supports for human health and wellness has caught the attention of doctors and those seeking new ways to help the human body. In 2009, a small team of researchers led by Sean Martinez discovered how to harness the benefits of natural frequencies for easy daily use. The following year, Tuning Element, LLC was formed. Today, doctors and scientists have recognized Tuning Element's advancements in supportive frequency technology while being enjoyed by over 500,000 people.