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A small group of researchers made two scientific breakthroughs in 2009. They first successfully formulated a general wellness blend of Schumann resonance frequencies and naturally occurring biological frequencies. Secondly, they discovered how to permanently imprint these frequencies in a metal, similar to processes used by microchip manufacturers. Thus Tuning Element was founded and incorporated in 2010.

Tuning Element’s early products consisted of steel bracelets that were tuned or imprinted with our frequency blend. Tuning Element did not and doesn’t use copper, magnets, or negative ion generating materials. The idea that a bracelet that could help support health and wellness was preposterous to most people. But for those people who were curious enough to hold one of our bracelets in their hand, their notion of what was impossible quickly changed to possible. People begin to tell their friends and family about the relief they were experiencing. Our initial retail location was a humble kiosk in Branson which has grown to four corporation locations and a hundred and fifty authorized resellers and affiliates.

Today medical and wellness professionals use Tuning Element’s 5 Minute Relief Patches™, B.E. Well Patch™, Smart Jewelry, Aqua Tune™ water bottles with their patients.

Visit our Science page to read Mode of Action or one of our peer-reviewed studies. 

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