Randy’s Phone Testimonies: Less than 10 minutes!

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“A lady, (looked to be mid 30’s) was very interested in the products. She could hold the various levels and knew which one was best for her. She came back to make a final decision after wearing a product for a few minutes. Her husband was standing there, clearly not a happy camper, as she tried to decide what she wanted to do.    The Vertex was way too heavy for her small frame and she wasn’t certain the Core necklace would be … Read More

Randy’s Phone Testimonies: Big believer in the medical community!

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“Just had a report of a surgeon in Ft. Smith, AR who was dealing with chronic pain for 30 years. One of our dealers in the area introduced him to Tuning Element and he’s amazed that he has total relief! Big believer in the medical community!” The testimony above is one from Randy’s file. Randy has headed up our customer service department for years. He kelp is his desk labeled “Awesome Testimonies.” So we thought that if they were good … Read More

In the Stores We See…

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Tuning Element sales is one of the most fascinating parts of our business.  Daily we get to see the miracles of how our products change peoples lives.  What can be better than seeing people begin to get relief from ailments they have had for years….and watch this happen on a daily basis! As the director of Sales for Tuning Element, I have the opportunity to visit our store locations daily and interact with our salespeople and their customers.  This is … Read More

I was quite skeptical when I was hired…

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I have the privilege of running the Inventory/Shipping Department at the Tuning Element Corporate Office. We desire to provide quick and accurate shipping of customer orders, as well as stock a wide selection of products for customers to choose from. Because Tuning Element products can be purchased through many avenues (website, retail locations, trade shows/events) it is essential that each customer, regardless of sale type, feel their purchase will be handled with care and excellence. Corporate staff often receive customer … Read More

Since working here I have experienced several benefits from the products

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Working at Tuning Element has changed my life for the better in multiple ways.  Not only am I building a better relationship with God, but I am also feeling better than I ever have.  Since working here, I have experienced several benefits from the products. I have been dealing with multiple health situations for a number of years.  The first product that I put on was a Level 1 bracelet, being skeptical in the beginning; I never realized how much … Read More

Broadway Tenor George Dyer Wears Tuning Element

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George Dyer is a brilliant and accomplished tenor with an incredible gift for enchanting his audience and creating fast fans with every show! Your favorite Broadway and Movie hits, including popular songs from The Greatest Showman, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserable; beautiful and familiar songs from beloved operas; big ballads you know and love; and so much more from this multi-talented singer and his family. George keeps a busy schedule traveling the country performing in concerts and headlining in Branson, … Read More

The Interstitium, A New Human Organ Discovery… The Hydration Organ

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The Interstitium, A New Human Organ Discovery… The Hydration Organ Doctors and research scientists announced the discovery of the interstitium. It is described as now the largest organ of the human body. This hydration organ is like a highway for water transportation under the skin, around muscles and other organs. The more we learn about the critical role of hydration in the human body the more evident is our need for both biologically clean and energetically clean (or balanced) water for … Read More

It’s almost Friday, and time for another backpacking trip!!!

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Getting older isn’t always physically easy. But, I bet many of you are like me even though we age physically…we still want to mentally think we can do the things we did at our younger ages. Well, that’s definitely me.  In my 30’s I began to enjoy backpacking and hiking miles and miles up and down the Ozark mountains.  Back then it was easy, and a 15-mile backpack was no big deal. Age 50 came upon me and even though … Read More

Dr. Nenah Sylver, Author of the Rife Handbook Featured Tuning Element as one of the “Products That Heal”

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Reposted from NenahSylver.com New Forms of Electromedical Devices: PASSIVE ONES  In the past couple of decades, a new class of health-related products—ranging from jewelry to personal care creams—has emerged that utilizes frequencies. But unlike electromedical devices, these items do not rely on electricity or any other outside source of power to transmit the energy. The frequencies in these items are imbued with an energetic message, which is passively transmitted simply because the object is touching the body. Put another way, … Read More

In the Spirit of Thomas Edison, Tuning Element’s Scientists Didn’t Give Up

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Our “Edison Story” Thomas Edison is often referred to as America’s greatest inventor. He was a model of perseverance as well as ingenuity. Like Thomas Edison, we found many challenges in meeting the lofty goal of providing a blend of bio-frequencies to stimulate and support better health. Our early research team was not initially successful with our first attempts to create a product that supports health solely through a frequency on the skin while built into a metal bracelet. In … Read More