Did you know that Cats Use Frequencies for Self-Care?

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Cats love Tuning Element frequencies

We have all heard the saying cats have nine lives. The cat is an amazing creature with great resiliency which has long captured the fascination of scientists and doctors. In Dr. Nenah Sylver’s book the Rife Handbook, she highlights a famous veterinarian study that took a look at how cats seem to escaped death on a regular basis1. In the study, the researchers reviewed many cases where cats have fallen out of windows and balconies of high rise buildings. They found that the cat’s survival rate exceeded 90%. The study explained that cats purr when they are happy, sick or dying. The key is that a cats’ purr creates frequencies to accelerate their body’s ability to heal. These are low range frequencies ranging in 25 to 150 Hz2, similar to some Frequencies found in Tuning Element products. It is common for cats to purr at 50 Hz which is a frequency used to treat heart and neck trauma patients whose bones are not healing fast enough after surgery. There are FDA approved frequency devices (made to stop functioning at the end of a prescribed period of time) for doctors to prescribe in cases of slow bone healing. Or, you can try to strap a cat to your neck. LOL, don’t try this lol. But, the easiest, most cost-effective approach is to wear a Level 2 Tuning Element necklace or higher cell repair support. The Level 2 necklaces are the Core and the Encore. In the Level 3 tuning, we add a frequency blend to support cognitive function in the Vertex and Cortex necklaces. When you step up to Level 4 tuning, we add six additional frequency blends to support the six minor systems of the body. Additionally, Level 4 has Level 1, 2 and 3 frequency blends with advanced harmonics. The one Level 4 necklace is the Elan. This brings us to Tuning Elements’ most advanced and comprehensive support product, the Level 5 Imperium necklace. Level 5 incorporates all the features of Level 4 tuning and adds six frequency blends to support the remaining 6 systems of the body. Therefore, the Level provides whole-body support to all 12 systems of the body, giving the wearer organ and hormone support. A great temporary support option is the 5 Minute Relief Patch (as pictured above). This patch has frequency blends to support cell repair and recovery.

Over the years our customers have told us a variety of stories of how their cats reacted to Tuning Element products. One customer told us that if he takes his bracelet off, his cat will take it and play with it in the corner, then snuggle with it. Many customers tell us that their cats will sit by their arm if they have a bracelet on. If they are wearing a necklace their cat will want to lay on their lap or chest. One of our newest employees just bought a Vertex necklace and her cat wants to lay on her chest every night now. Before, her cat would only occasionally want to lay on her lap or chest.

Stay tuned : ) and we will tell you about how dogs respond to our technology in a future post.


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