Beauty Mist Aqua Tune Spray Bottle


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Getting more Youthful Skin is now easier than ever.

Introducing the Beauty Mist Aqua Tune Spray bottle featuring our best Skin Beauty Frequency blend ever.

At only $150, this bottle is less than most designer skin creams. You’ll save hundreds of dollars a year. Get ready to hear, “Your skin looks great! What are you doing?”

The new Beauty Mist spray bottle is our newest addition to the Aqua Tune line, tuned with a special focus on skin beauty. We are so excited to bring you the wildly popular skin frequency blend from last year’s skin rejuvenation study. Just add water, and in 60 seconds, the water absorbs the supportive tuning while changing the water into highly structured water. You are now ready to spray a fine mist of tuned beauty water on your skin. Use to support your skin’s youthfulness,  hydration, and feel.

The first Beauty Mist bottles ship Friday, May 5th, 2023, in time for Mother’s Day!