Level 1 Aqua Tune Sport Water Bottle


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Give yourself a boost – the Level 1 Aqua Tune Sport Bottles are here! Enjoy the benefits of beneficial frequencies and structured water in a high quality 20 oz glass bottle with a silicone sleeve for only $175.00. Made of Borosilicate glass with a food-grade silicone sleeve. This is the same type of glass that all high-end glass brands use. Tuning Element invented a non-invasive technology that supports the normal function of the Human Biofield* which helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. We call this TE Technology. The Aqua-Tune Sport uses TE Technology to produce Structured Water and “tune” water with our blend of beneficial frequencies to support homeostasis and skin health. *The Biofield is defined by the US National Institutes of Health as a “massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.” The term Biofield is recognized by the National Library of Medicine. Square Installments