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Tuning Element sales is one of the most fascinating parts of our business.  Daily we get to see the miracles of how our products change peoples lives.  What can be better than seeing people begin to get relief from ailments they have had for years….and watch this happen on a daily basis!

As the director of Sales for Tuning Element, I have the opportunity to visit our store locations daily and interact with our salespeople and their customers.  This is the favorite part of my job.  When I arrive at our locations I often get to visit with customers in the process of trying our products and get to experience along with them the excitement of our products working at that very moment.

Getting to know our customers and what they have dealt with physically over their past, and then seeing them often get immediate results is an emotional experience that I will never take for granted.

Just yesterday I was able to see a gentleman with chronic neck pain put on one of our level III necklaces and within 5 minutes he was up stretching his neck and telling his family how much better he felt.  Before he had taken daily up to 8 pain pills to alleviate the pain. Not anymore.    He became the proud and grateful owner of our cortex necklaces.  And that’s just one experience in one location…many many of these experiences happen daily.


What a blessing to help people, and send them off feeling better both physically and emotionally…Let’s see what happens today!


Rob Batchman

Director of Sales

Tuning Element


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