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When it comes to your health, it’s important to look at everything your body needs. It’s our hope that you’re already supporting your body’s biochemical needs through frequent exercise, a healthy diet, taking vitamins or supplements, hydration, and getting enough rest. But what are you doing to support your body’s electric system? By using natural frequencies permanently embedded in patches, jewelry, and water bottles, Tuning Element is supporting your body’s biofield, as the United States Institute of Health calls it. Throughout time, the greatest discoveries have solved some of our biggest problems. It only seemed strange at the time because we hadn’t tried it yet. Just think about all the different instruments used to detect what’s happening in your body. It’s obvious your body has electric energy. But we’ve only been monitoring it. We’ve never supported it…until now! While frequency technology may be new to you, more than 200-thousand people are enjoying the benefits of Tuning Element products.

Our technology puts you back into direct contact with natural earth frequencies and key frequencies of cells in the body. Tuning Element’s wearable wellness jewelry delivers these beneficial frequencies when placed on your skin, which acts as a capacitor, and your body’s existing electricity amplifies the frequencies. In fact, did you know you have between 50 to 90 millivolts of electricity running through your body? This is how our products run without external power or batteries. Your body is the battery. These frequencies support the cell through the action of sympathetic resonance. More directly, you’re supporting the mitochondria, which is the power plant of the cell.

It’s simple to use. Put it on once and you never have to remember it. It never needs to be recharged, doesn’t need batteries and it’s totally waterproof. We’ve even analyzed people’s energy levels before – and after – using our products.1It’s obvious that Tuning Element improves the function and the balance of your body’s electric system. And while our products aren’t designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, we’ve heard from thousands who say they wouldn’t live without their Tuning Element product because they feel the difference themselves.

We’ve created five different levels of frequency products aimed at supporting your body in various ways. Each ascending level has all the frequencies from the previous level, plus additional frequencies summarized by the keyword for that level. Our most popular item is a Level 3 – usually a Cortex or a Vertex. We have a number of styles and sizes in bracelets and necklaces. You might as well look good at the same time you feel good! Select the level and jewelry type to fit your needs.

Our customers favorite accessory to their Tuning Element jewelry is the AquaTune water bottle. Some call it the Earth’s most advanced water bottle because it has the same Tuning Element frequency technology, but also creates structured water, that provides you with faster and deeper hydration. You may be new to understanding how important frequency support is to the body…but you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to feel better. Not sure where to start? See our product level descriptions to choose what is best for you and your lifestyle.

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