Level 1

Give your cells the support they never had. Level 1 products use Tuning Element's Technology of beneficial frequency blends to help support and maintain the best possible energetic function of your cells and body. Some people who are very sensitive to our technology only need a Level 1 product, while most people find the Level 1 products to be a great compliment to their current Tuning Element products. See our selection of Level 1 products to add supportive frequencies to your daily life.
“I am 78 years old and am part of a small group of women that knit blankets for poverty babies. As I get older, naturally I have more aches and pains. My right arm and hand is painful due to over usage (that is what my doctor said). I am not one to use “gimmicks”. Therefore I was skeptical of this product. I am now a believer. Rarely do I have any pain in my arm or hand and I still knit several hours each day. “Vivian, Texas

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