Get the best hydration out of your water!

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“Tuning Element: Frequency Specific Microcurrent’s electrical current cannot pass through dehydrated tissues. Some form of water ionizer greatly helps keep organic tissues properly hydrated. Normal water molecules are “clustered” together, usually 9-12 molecules in a single cluster. Ionizers break up those large clusters into single molecules of water. Then the single water molecules easily pass through the Aquaporins (water channels) of cell membranes, keeping the inside of cells hydrated. This is especially important for the Central Nervous System, which includes the Brain. Ionizers can be extremely expensive. Instead, my family uses the “Aqua Tune” water bottle from Tuning Element. It costs about 1/15th of the price of conventional choices. It is small and we carry ours with us everywhere.”

Dr. David G. Young, N.D., PSc.D.