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Welcome to Tuning Element. We develop and manufacture supportive, Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEMF) products for the public and the global health and wellness industry. Our innovative frequency sets help people by supporting pain management and normal cell function via the body's electric system, the Biofield. Our products have been studied by 3rd parties including clinics and labs, which have been in published science and medical literature. 


Tuning Element frequency blends are available in various delivery formats, including skin Patches, Smart Jewelry, Water Bottles, and Clips. All emit various cell communication resonance signals to target focus areas in the body. These signals act like a tuning fork to your cells and energize the cells' electromagnetic field, which aids the cell's energy production center, the mitochondria. People who utilize Tuning Element products report improvements in energy, stress reduction, recovery, supporting pain management, and general wellness.  

We have products for every stage of life and activity level. Recently, we developed the Harmony Patch, our first frequency blend just for Women's Health and Wellness. With every product we engineer, your essential wellness is at the core of it all. Do you need relief, improved recovery, less stress, restful sleep, deeper hydration, or help to maintain the health and wellness you already enjoy? See our products

Tuning Element - Naturally Supports Pain Management