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Congratulations on your decision to support your own health and wellness with Tuning Element. We thank you for your purchase and we appreciate your confidence in us. Our proprietary technology was created and perfected in the United States a decade ago. Our products are specially crafted from high-quality materials and embedded with proprietary, natural frequencies that support your wellness and energy. Enjoy!

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Tuning Element, LLC is a committed group of individuals and researchers standing behind 50+ years of science and technology.  We use the widely accepted concept of bio-resonance and the positive health effects of a properly tuned body via Tuning Element Bio Energetic Alignment Technology (B.E.A.T.)TM.

What we do:  Create innovative bio-energetic tuning that supports the efficiency of all-natural healing.

How we do it:  Create wearable products embedded with specific bio-energy technology.

Why we do it:  We believe that everyone can and should experience a supportive, effective and faster way to a better, natural life.


Tuning Element innovations in wearable frequency-based, energetic nutritional products are creating a higher quality of life globally.


At Tuning Element, our mission is to bring YOU effective frequency products while exceeding customer and product expectations.


Tuning Element has created a noninvasive technology that promotes the stimulation and regulation of the body’s natural optimal energy production. This technology is designed to optimize body and brain function, balance cellular pH, restore and enhance missing or reduced cellular communication, increase cellular oxygen uptake, accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and help regulate the circulation to maintain optimal health and prevent breakdown.


1. How long will the technology last in my Tuning Element product? The embedded (bio-energetic) technology is designed to last for the lifetime of the product.  

NOTE: Tuning Element’s technology is always advancing its research development, therefore, advancing the technology and creating greater products.  With this in mind, it is recommended to check back with us at least every 2 (two) years to review what products are available and if your current products are meeting your needs.

2. How often should I wear the product?  Best results have been experienced by those who wear their Tuning Element products 24 hours a day / 7 days a week directly against the skin.

3. Can I wear it in water (bath, shower, pool, lake, ocean, beach, etc.)?  Yes

4. Will my Tuning Element product(s) affect my electronics?  NO. Our products consist fully of Tuning Element’s bio-energetic technology in the area of specific bio-frequencies that pertain only to the body and contain no battery-operated electronics or magnets.

5. Are Tuning Element products the same as copper or magnets etc.?  NO. Our products consist of NO magnets, or NO copper or any other material and/or stone that contains its own energy source; they are tuned with specific proprietary bio-frequencies that are all-natural to the human body’s biofield.

6. How does Tuning Element work? Tuning Element products support cellular health by promoting an environment in which your body can function and self-heal to your body’s current and natural ability.

7. What Can I expect from my Tuning Element product(s)? Reported results vary.  Depending on your wellness, habits, lifestyle, exercising region and your level of hydration.  it may be necessary to wear 2 (two) or more products at the same time. Many customers report greater comfort, more focus, and energy along with deeper sleep when wearing 2 (two) or more Tuning Element products.

8. Will I experience any side-effects from the use of Tuning Element products? NO.  Tuning Element’s technology is comprised of all-natural energy that the body is intended to have naturally.  Our products do not contain drugs or anything foreign to the body. Definition: A side-effect is any unwanted secondary effect caused by a drug.

9. How can I get the most benefit from my Tuning Element Product(s)?  

(A)  The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Go to the NSF’s website to see your age and recommendations.

(B)  Drink plenty of water (H2O).  Example: It is recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. Scientific Fact:  The cells of our bodies on average are 75% water.  Babies are even more. Our products may help the body’s natural detoxification process, even though not everyone may feel it.  Every cell in the body functions as the entire body, only in miniature. So as the body “detoxifies”, cell metabolism is more efficient: waste materials leave the cell more easily while nutrients enter more easily.  This means that more toxins and wastes may enter the bloodstream. Drinking water allows the body to eliminate these toxins more quickly. Increased water consumption will also help eliminate possible symptoms that can be a normal result of detoxification. For additional results, use ourAqua Tune water product.  The structuring of water can help the body eliminate waste in the fastest, most efficient manner.

10. What if I don’t feel the results I used to? 

  1. Wear your product directly on your skin.
  2. Simple, move to remove your bracelet and place it on the other wrist.  Anklet, replace on the other ankle. Necklace, you may be able to wrap around your ankle or wrist. Also, you can take your product off for a couple of days. Then, put back on.  
  3. Clean your product with warm water and dish soap to remove any build-up of oil from the body. This will reestablish the best frequency conductivity of our product.


Under normal wearing conditions, your Tuning Element products should require very little to no maintenance or repair. “Normal wear and tear” conditions include continued wear for most daily activities. To clean your product, simply wipe with a clean, dry, soft cloth or you may use liquid soap and warm water. 

Note: Specifically designed jewelry cleaners may also be used for cleaning your Tuning Element products. Harsh chemicals and tarnish removers may change/scratch the product’s appearance BUT will NOT affect the benefits of it. 

Clasp Tightening 

If the press-fit clasp has become loose due to taking off (we recommend wearing your Tuning Element product(s) 24/7 or what you’re comfortable with).  If your clasp becomes lose you may adjust it yourself with our instructional video see here – Tuning Element – Clasp Tightening

Or, you may take it to a jeweler to have tightened. You can always mail it back to us with a check or money order for $9.95 shipping and handling + appropriate insurance along with your return address to:

Tuning Element

Attn: Warranty & Repair

1440 State Hwy. 248 Ste Q435

Branson, MO 65616



Tuning Element will allow an exchange of a product due to the wrong size within 3 days of the purchase date at store locations.  If purchased online at www.TuningElement.com, you then will have 5 days for your product to be delivered back to Tuning Element, LLC.  All products must be in a like-new, saleable condition without scratches. Please send a copy of the receipt, which different product you would like and/or the exact size/length.

​Return to: ​Tuning Element 


1440 State Hwy. 248 Ste Q435

Branson, MO 65616


Tuning Element is committed to excellence, offering our quality guarantee with every purchase.  Designed and engineered in the USA, each product is hand inspected for integrity and durability.  Your Tuning Element product is guaranteed to retain frequency for life, giving you peace of mind.  

Tuning Element makes, nor implies no guarantees against cosmetic damage to the product.


Tuning Element makes no representation regarding the medical efficacy. Results may vary from person to person depending on the body’s imbalance and condition.  This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease and/or sickness. The statements made on this product are for informational purposes only and you should always consult a medical professional for health issues.


Such an important decision for your health and wellness deserves an exceptional warranty. Tuning Element’s warranty is our promise to stand behind the quality of your health investment, to be there when you need us, to listen to your concerns and to create a comfortable, no-hassle shopping experience from start to finish.

For the next twelve months from the date of purchase, we warranty our products against defects in material or craftsmanship. If your product becomes damaged as a result of a manufacturer defect, Tuning Element will repair or replace the item, at our option, without charge. If the item is out of stock or discontinued, we will replace it with an item at our discretion of comparable value and type.


1. The ceramic bracelet is dropped and damaged and/or broken.

2. Necklaces, bracelets, and anklets damaged by force.  Example: caught on something

3. Cosmetic discoloration of gold plating or any other colors plating.

4. Scratches.

5. Patch products.

Tuning Element

Attn: Warranty & Repair

1440 State Hwy. 248 Ste Q435

Branson, MO 65616



Tuning Element, LLC

1440 state Hwy 248 Ste Q435

Branson, Missouri 65616



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