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Trial Patch | Tuning Element

A great way to try out Tuning Element Technology is with our three (3) Trial Patches for only $5.95 (A $20.95 Value). They are 1 X 1 inch patches, applied to areas of discomfort on your body. One patch can last few days to over a week, they don’t fall off and cannot be felt by the wearer. They can be worn in water, so taking a bath or shower, or going swimming, will not damage them.

The patches work strictly by sending vibrational information to the body via the embedded frequency blend. These patches contain frequencies for the promotion of pain relief. Tuning Element Relief Patches are non-invasive and permanently attuned with passive Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies. They do not contain any medication. The Tuning Element Relief Patches are non-trans-dermal and are free of any odor.

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