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Pain Free

"I am 78 years old and am part of a small group of women that knit blankets for poverty babies. As I get older, naturally I have more aches and pains. My right arm and hand is painful due to over usage (that is what my doctor said). I am not one to use "gimmicks". Therefore I was skeptical of this product. I am now a believer. Rarely do I have any pain in my arm or hand and I still knit several hours each day."

Vivian, Texas

Back To Life

Neurological/Emotional Disorders/ MS
"Some people call this bracelet the Tuning Element Bracelet. I call it my miracle bracelet because I can now look to the future. Before I hurt so badly that I didn't care if I lived. Now I have a life and I owe it all to Tuning Element." 

Pete, Indiana

More Energy

"I suffer from Spondyloarthritis and nothing will completely take away my pain. But after doing the Bracelet within 5 mins my back pain was very much decreased. Being a mother of a 9yr old twin boys I also have seen an improvement of my energy levels. Thanks!"

Jan Milford, New England

Relief Immediately

"I was told that I would have to have another neck surgery. Being a truck owner operator and team roper, surgery was out of the question until the next winter. I tried a friend's bracelet during a practice roping and after 20 minutes the numbness had gone away in my hand and I had better control of my rope than I've had in 3-4 years! I ordered my Tuning Element Bracelet the next day. At 62 years of age, I've got more energy and desire to do things than I've had in years! I'm sure surgery is still in my future, but not as pressing as it was before. A great product!" 

Bill White City, OK Bill, Oklahoma


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