Testimony: Dropped a cabinet on his toe

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“My youngest son dropped a cabinet on his toe when we were moving,” Vita said. “We put some of the patches on him and a level 4 necklace. He said it stung a little bit, but he didn’t feel (bad) at all, even though his toe turned black and blue.”Just to make sure everything was OK, she took her son to the ER. The doctor there said “That’s a different kind of bruising,” referring to the patches.“Actually, those are 5-Minute … Read More

Testimony: “Well, I had foot surgery…”

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“Dale was at a show and a lady had been watching from a distance for some time. She finally came over and said “I’ve been watching you…putting these patches on people and they move around and stuff. What’s that patch for?” “It’s for relief .” “Well, I had foot surgery…” they put a patch on. She ended up buying a Cortex and more patches to take home and use on others. She’s happy as can be.” Testimony shared by: Dale … Read More

Recent study has shown non-medicated B.E. Well Patches to help improve behavior of Autistic, ADHD, ADD and Dyslexic Children

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—-  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  —-   December 19, 2018   (Branson, MO) – Due to the alarming rate of children with autism and ADD/ADHD, a Branson company has spent the past three years developing a unique product that may help parents who are raising children with behavioral issues.   “It’s called the BE Well Patch,” said Tuning Element founder, Sean Martinez. “It looks like a temporary tattoo which a child might wear, but it’s revolutionary as far as its function … Read More