In the Spirit of Thomas Edison, Tuning Element’s Scientists Didn’t Give Up

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Our “Edison Story”

Thomas Edison is often referred to as America’s greatest inventor. He was a model of perseverance as well as ingenuity. Like Thomas Edison, we found many challenges in meeting the lofty goal of providing a blend of bio-frequencies to stimulate and support better health.

Our early research team was not initially successful with our first attempts to create a product that supports health solely through a frequency on the skin while built into a metal bracelet. In fact, we had to keep researching and making prototypes 8 years ago until we had a breakthrough and we were able to see our first prototype provide just the right frequency and be permanently embedded in metal just the right way for our first results. The results far exceeded our expectations at the time. Our customer results ranged from noticeable results to life-changing improvements.

Over the years Tuning Element has developed some of the world most effective frequency blends to support the human biofield. Today we produce 6 different wellness supportive frequency blends in wearable jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and anklets, and 2 frequency blends in our water bottles products. Now eight years later we can truly say this has been an amazing journey. Like Edison, we didn’t give up and today thousands of people each month discover the results that Tuning Element technology has in supporting their body.

Tuning Element customers aren’t the only ones that are excited by our products results. Over the years our advancements in new frequency blends in our products and customer testimonials started to attract the attention of medical Doctors, then lending professors and scientist to today being recognized, in a peer-reviewed study that is published in a science journal by the world’s largest technology association: IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience.