Since working here I have experienced several benefits from the products

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Working at Tuning Element has changed my life for the better in multiple ways.  Not only am I building a better relationship with God, but I am also feeling better than I ever have.  Since working here, I have experienced several benefits from the products.

I have been dealing with multiple health situations for a number of years.  The first product that I put on was a Level 1 bracelet, being skeptical in the beginning; I never realized how much that one bracelet would help.  I do wear multiple products, (along with the original Level 1), I wear two additional old Level 1’s along with a Level 3. It seems like a lot; however, I no longer take medications that I had been taking for years.

I did have to have surgery; however, the healing process was AMAZING.  By simply using the Aqua Tuned water, the scarring was dramatically minimized on the areas that I used the “tuned” water compared to the areas that I did not.  

I am not a salesperson; I work as the Accounting Clerk at the Corporate office.  I do tell everyone that asks “does it really work?” that yes it does without a doubt.

My dad, the biggest skeptic I have ever known, kept asking about the products and how they worked when I first started.  I finally just put the Level 1 on him for him to try and see if he experienced any relief. This was on a Sunday; I was at work the next day when my dad comes in to give me back my bracelet.  He had gone to one of our locations to buy his own. Apparently, he felt relief in his shoulders within half an hour of wearing my bracelet. Again, this coming from someone who has to experience a definitive result to make a purchase for himself, and he even bought my mom a bracelet as well.  – Linda from Inventory and Shipping