Recent study has shown non-medicated B.E. Well Patches to help improve behavior of Autistic, ADHD, ADD and Dyslexic Children

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December 19, 2018


(Branson, MO) – Due to the alarming rate of children with autism and ADD/ADHD, a Branson company has spent the past three years developing a unique product that may help parents who are raising children with behavioral issues.


“It’s called the BE Well Patch,” said Tuning Element founder, Sean Martinez. “It looks like a temporary tattoo which a child might wear, but it’s revolutionary as far as its function on children and adults.”


The silicone-based patch is roughly 1.25 inches square and is infused with Titanium Salt that has been embedded with a proprietary blend of Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency. The patches have no medication, herbs, odor, nor any chemical additives. It’s the latest product release from Tuning Element’s research and development team.

“One of my neighbor’s sons has autism and a few years ago, we started wondering how we could use frequencies to help children on the spectrum,” Martinez said. “After lots of research and development, we fine-tuned what is now the BE Well Patch. It’s undergone several peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials and now we’re ready to introduce this new hope for families.”


“I use it with any behavioral problems that I notice because the beauty of the Tuning Element product is it cannot do harm,” said Dr. Biljana Uzelac of Green Pediatrics and Family Care in Indiana. She has been researching the impact of the patch on children for more than a year.


“They were more calm, they were able to fall asleep better, so giving hugs, giving more emotions, less meltdowns, eating better,” Uzelac said. “So I use it a lot with the kids who are very picky and having sensory issues. I also use it with kids with ticks and anger issues.”


Since 2010, Tuning Element Technologies has been developing proprietary extremely low electromagnetic frequency blends to benefit the body’s overall homeostasis and wellness support. The BE Well Patch benefits the body through nanobioscience technology aimed at supporting your body’s cell function via the human biofield. An 8-week clinical trial showed a steady, gradual increase in scores from parents who rated their child’s overall mood, memory, aggression, focus, tantrums, and appetite.


The BE Well Patch just launched on Indiegogo’s crowdfunding site and offers several prices and package options from which families can choose. You can also learn more at


In anticipation of a successful soft launch on the crowdfunding platform, Tuning Element is utilizing employees of Tantone Industries in Branson to help with packing and shipping. Tantone Industries is a non-profit, sheltered workshop which provides meaningful employment to Missouri adults with disabilities.


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Since 2010, Tuning Element has grown from a kiosk at Branson Landing into four different retail locations throughout Taney County which offer a variety of frequency-based jewelry designed to support the body’s overall homeostasis. In addition, Tuning Element has built a network of about 50 independent dealers around the U.S. and they are preparing to open their second store in Taiwan. Combined, these locations have already helped more than 200,000 people discover a non-traditional approach to supporting the body through frequency technology. Learn more at


Media Contact:  Christopher Ray, Marketing Director, Tuning Element, LLC




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