Master Clip


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Master Clip a Medalist Equine Technology product from Tuning Element

The Master Clip is Tuning Element’s latest breakthrough in around the clock champion support from our Medalist Equine Technology line. This blend of tuning frequencies has been six years in the making since our first equestrian product. The Master Clip sends beneficial key frequencies via sympathetic resonance without the need for an external power source. Once the Master Clip is placed on the horse, the horse’s body acts as a capacitor and the embedded frequencies are amplified by the horse’s existing electrical system output. The Master Clip supports optimum performance of the horse at the cellular level maximizing ATP energy production in the mitochondria of the cell. These benefits contribute to greater focus and faster recovery.

Since the Master Clip was designed for big relief and big support it is not a surprise that it’s become a customer favorite to boost their own relief results as needed.