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Behavioral Energetic Wellness Patch

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BE Well Patch -A Behavioral Wellness Support from Tuning Element on Vimeo.
2 Sample B.E. Well Patches

The B.E. Well Patch applies like a temporary tattoo and is a 1.25 X 1.25-inch square. The patch is made of a silicone base infused with Titanium Salt and embedded with a proprietary blend of Extremely Low Passive Electromagnetic Frequencies. The BE Well Patch is non-invasive and has no medications, herbs, vitamins, chemicals, odor or any other additives. For most people outside of the Nanobioscience field, the use of beneficial frequencies for wellness would be a new concept. The patch is non-transdermal, meaning nothing physical passes from the patch through the skin. As mentioned, the patch is made of silicone and has “Titanium Salts” which is a term for Titanium powder that is in the patch. This is the material that we’ve infused with a blend of beneficial low-range frequencies (much lower than even AM or FM radio). When the BE Well Patch is placed on a person’s body, their skin acts like a capacitor, and the existing electricity in the human body amplifies the frequencies in the patch. The human body produces 50-90 millivolts of electricity, which serves as the battery for the patch…so everyone wearing the BE Well Patch can receive the benefits of the frequencies. How do frequencies from a BE Well Patch help a person? The short answer is that the BE Well Patch helps supports normal cell function throughout the body’s electric system, or as the United States Institutes of Health call the Biofield.

In testing and studies over the last three years, families with children on the Autism Spectrum, as well as those with ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia, saw substantial improvement in their children’s home and school life without side effects. They can be used in conjunction with prescribed therapy and act as a support to that therapy. See the peer-reviewed study here  POSSIBLE MECHANISMS OF TITANIUM SALT INFUSED PATCHES REMEDIATION OF AUTISM AND ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDERS. MD-Medical Data 2018; 10. 97-102.

If you’ve experienced the all-consuming trauma that a child with behavioral issues can inflict upon the entire family, then you know how even the slightest progress with an all-natural product can be monumental for reconnecting a family that’s been coping quietly for years. Becky D. said it best:  “Everyone who has a kid with autism should have access to this patch.”

Since 2010, Tuning Element Technologies has been developing proprietary Extremely Low  Electromagnetic Frequency blends to benefit the body’s overall homeostasis and wellness support. Our products emit beneficial frequencies for supporting cell function in your body via the human Biofield.



In 2009, we started designing and testing various passive frequency blends to support the brain’s neural pathways throughout the body. Our early breakthroughs in successfully supporting the body led to the establishment of Tuning Element, LLC in 2010. By 2016 this type of human biofield support showed amazing results in children and adults as, essentially, the brain and the gut were working better together to provide what the body needs for clearer thinking, which leads to better choices and better behaviors.




When we saw that the patch was making a significant impact for children with behavioral disorders, we initiated multiple independent peer-reviewed studies of the B.E. Well Patch with a number of leading researchers.

Including Dr. Biljana Uzelac of Green Pediatrics and Family Care studied the impact of the B.E. Well Patch on children. These studies were overseen by one of the founding members of the American Holistic Medicine Association, Dr. Srbislav Brasovan, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.  AMALNA  Consulting’s Dr. Irena Cosic further researched the impact of the B.E. Well Patch from 2017 to 2018. The results produced a tremendous amount of excitement and were published in the journal Medical Data: 

“The results of this stu