B.E. Well Necklace Pre-Order Special


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BE Well Necklace Pre-Order $450, Save $100!

○  Normal retail price $550.

○ Featuring our New Dual Action Clasp for the perfect fit – Patented slide adjustment and side release.

○  Necklace ships in approximately two weeks.

○  Size: 20 inches.

○  Offer expires 11/18/22.

Increase focus, and calm while reducing stress with the BE Well Necklace – A Behavioral Wellness Support from Tuning Element.

The B.E. Well Necklace contains the same frequencies as our best-selling B.E. Well Patch.

People from all walks of life enjoy the B.E. Well Frequency Set by Tuning Element.

For most people outside of the Nanobioscience field, beneficial frequencies for wellness are a new concept. In testing and studies, families with children on the Autism Spectrum and those with ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia saw substantial improvement in their children’s home and school life without side effects. They can be used in conjunction with prescribed therapy and act as a support to that therapy. See the peer-reviewed study here  POSSIBLE MECHANISMS OF TITANIUM SALT INFUSED PATCHES REMEDIATION OF AUTISM AND ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDERS. MD-Medical Data 2018; 10. 97-102. Today, people use the B.E. Well Frequency Set to help with stress, focus, and emotions.

Learn more about the B.E. Well Frequencies – B.E. Well Patch.

2022 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Get a Free B.E. Well Necklace with the purchase of an Imperium Necklace, Level 5!