10th Anniversary Gold Necklace Set, Limited Edition with Level 5 Plus Tuning


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Our most powerful support yet! Our Research and Development Department, led by Dr. Srba Brasovan, M.D., truly outdid themselves. The frequency technology showcased in this set is the new Level 5 Plus. The enhanced Level 5 tuning contains advancement in frequency support to the respiratory and immune systems.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we created a very limited edition of our gold Smart Jewelry necklaces for our 10th Anniversary Necklace Set. These hand-crafted necklaces are made from 18-karat Italian gold. Each necklace comes with an 18-karat Tuning Element logo charm. One of the charms features the logo filled with GIA-certified Diamonds.

What is so amazing about Tuning Element Smart Jewelry? No other products on the market offer wide-spectrum support as easily and affordable as Tuning Element does. Have questions, feel free to call us at (417) 973-0000.

Each set features one 20-inch necklace adjustable from 18 to 20 inches long, and one 22.5-inch necklace adjustable from 20.5 to 22.5 inches long.

Ten sets were made and only one is still available.

Contains specific frequencies to support the following:

  1. Circulatory system / Cardiovascular system:
    • Circulates blood around the body via the heartarteries, and veins, delivering oxygen and nutrients to organs and cells and carrying their waste products away.
    • Keeps the body’s temperature in a safe range.
  2. Digestive system :
    1. System to absorb nutrients and remove waste via the gastrointestinal tract, including the mouthesophagusstomach, and intestines.
  3. Excretory system:
    • Eliminates waste from the body.
  4. Endocrine system:
    • Influences the function of the body using hormones.
  5. Integumentary system / Exocrine system:
  6. Immune system Enhanced with Level 5+ tuning and lymphatic system:
    • Defends the body against pathogens that may harm the body.
    • The system comprises a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph.
  7. Muscular system:
    • Enables the body to move using muscles.
  8. Nervous system:
    • Collects and processes information from the senses via nerves and the brain and tells the muscles to contract to cause physical actions.
  9. Renal system / Urinary system
    • The system where the kidneys filter blood to produce urine and get rid of waste.
  10. Reproductive system:
  11. Respiratory system:
  12. Skeletal system:
    • Bones maintain the structure of the body and its organs.

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