10th Anniversary Gold Necklace Set, Limited Edition with Level 5 Plus Tuning


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To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we created a very limited edition of our gold Smart Jewelry necklaces for our 10th Anniversary Necklace Set. These hand-crafted necklaces are made from 18 karat Italian gold. Each necklace comes with an 18 karat Tuning Element logo charm. One of the charms features the logo filled with GIA-certified Diamonds. Our Research and Development Department, lead by Dr. Srba Brasovan, M.D., truly outdid themselves. The frequency technology showcased in this set is the new Level 5 Plus. The enhanced Level 5 tuning contains advancement in the frequency support to the respiratory and immune systems.

What is so amazing about Tuning Element Smart Jewelry? No other products on the market offer wide-spectrum support as easily and affordable as Tuning Element does.

Each set features one 20 inch necklace adjustable from 18 to 20 inches long, and one 22.5 inch necklace adjustable from 20.5 to 22.5 inches long.

Ten sets were made and only two are still available.