Try Before You Buy Program

The Try Before You Buy program offers you a 30 day trial period to use a Relief Level 3 Necklace, either a Cortex necklace or Vertex necklace at a cost of $50. Program participants who decide to keep the necklace past 30 days will be charged a discounted price of $475 for the Cortex necklace or $425 for the Vertex necklace. Your $50 program fee is applied to your purchase. If program participants decide to return the necklace, they can return it before the 30 day trial period ends and will not be automatically charged the balance of the cost of the necklace. Upon notification from program participants to Tuning Element of their decision to return the necklace, Tuning Element will email them a return shipping label.

    Next Steps to Start

    1. Order either a Cortex or Vertex necklace below.
    2. Download the Try Before you Buy Agreement form. Download here. 
    3. Fill out and sign the form front and back.
    4. Email the form to [email protected]. A scan or clear pictures of both sides are acceptable.

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