It’s no wonder why the Aqua Tune Water Bottle is our most popular product.

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There are so many benefits to drinking and using frequency rich structured Aqua Tune water. Your body can hydrate faster and deeper, giving you a chance for a new level of wellness. The benefits of structured water have been promoted by some of the world’s greatest scientists and doctors, including Nobel Prize recipients. Learn more.

Here are 5 ways you can see and taste the effects of Aqua Tune water.

1. See the changes in your skin in 15 minutes when using the Aqua Tune Hydration Mask soaked in Aque Tune water. You can also soak your hand in a bowl of Aqua Tune water and compare your hands afterward. It’s common to see age spots start to fade, and skin looks smoother.

2. See the difference when mixing oil in Aqua Tune water. Put equal amounts of any kitchen oil two jars. Add Aqua Tune water to the first jar with oil and add the same amount of regular water to the second jar with oil. Put lids on both and shake, then watch to see the difference in the dilution of the oil after right away and after a few minutes.

3. Taste and feel the difference on your tongue. Take a drink of the water that you usually drink, then take a sip of Aqua Tune water. You’ll notice that Aqua Tune water tastes lighter or “wetter” than regular water. Many people find it more enjoyable to drink.

4. Taste the difference between lemon slices. Put lemon slices in Aqua Tune water and half of the slices in regular water. After 10 minutes, taste a lemon slice that was in the Aqua Tune water first. Next, taste a lemon slice from the regular water. The lemon slices in the Aqua Tune water will be much less sour. 

5. Taste the sweeter strawberries. Put strawberry slices in Aqua Tune water and half of the slices in regular water. After 10 minutes, taste a strawberry slice that was in the regular water first, then taste the strawberry slice from the  Aqua Tune water. The strawberry slices in the Aqua Tune water will taste sweeter.
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