I was quite skeptical when I was hired…

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I have the privilege of running the Inventory/Shipping Department at the Tuning Element Corporate Office. We desire to provide quick and accurate shipping of customer orders, as well as stock a wide selection of products for customers to choose from. Because Tuning Element products can be purchased through many avenues (website, retail locations, trade shows/events) it is essential that each customer, regardless of sale type, feel their purchase will be handled with care and excellence.

Corporate staff often receive customer communications detailing lives filled with chronic pain, sometimes debilitating. Being able to play a part in helping reduce that pain is indeed a joy! That joy is compounded when we hear that customers can return to life activities that were previously out of reach.

My personal experience with Tuning Element products involves the Relief Patch. I was quite skeptical when I was hired. I had been having trouble sleeping for several years and had grown accustomed to being awake for 2-3 hours in the middle of each night.  One Relief patch was placed on the back of my neck near the end of my first day. I did not expect any results and paid very little attention to any changes in aches or pains for the rest of the day.  When I came to work the following day, staff asked if I noticed anything.  It was only then that I realized that I had slept all night! I have been a believer ever since! I have several products of various levels and use them as necessary depending on what is going on with my health. I have one product that stays on 24/7, and I use Aqua Tune water daily.

Because of the improvements I have seen in my own life, it is a tremendous blessing to share this technology with others knowing it can help them too! – Linda in Inventory and Shipping