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“Just heard a great story from dealer Dale Trebesch, who was at a 5-day show last week. After the first day, there was bad weather which slowed traffic on Wednesday-Thursday. You can imagine how sales were going. But there was one guy who came by on Tuesday (first day) who was a major skeptic. However, his knee was hurting and so he reluctantly tried the master clip for less than 10 minutes. I think Dale might have
also let him borrow a Cortex. The man went to another booth on Tuesday and stood around. Normally, he says he’d have to move
around to be comfortable standing, but he noticed he wasn’t facing discomfort. The guy went home to do chores at home and found he could walk better. After 2 days of bad weather, the guy shows back up at Dale’s booth on Friday to share all of the above.
“I don’t know. I’m still skeptical,” the guy said on Friday.
“But it’s working for you,” Dale replied.
“I don’t know…It doesn’t make sense…It can’t be this…How does it work?” – and all the other comments you’ve likely heard.
“But it’s working for you.” Dale’s simple reply was enough to remind his customer to accept reality. It wasn’t anything he’d eaten. He ruled out all other possibilities. It simply had to be “something” about this thing he was wearing. The guy reluctantly bought the Master Clip. Still the constant skeptic, the guy says “I’m not sure it’s gonna work long-term.”
I love skeptics. They really are our best customers! Dale says he hears a lot of people say “You can’t help me. You can’t fix me,” to which he replies, “I like challenges. Let’s give it a try!”
By the way, this guy didn’t bother telling Dale that he had a problem on his left big toe that he couldn’t feel (or move? – I forget which it was) for several years. He told him on Friday that he noticed a change with it too on Tuesday, when he was first there. Using the technique we recently described of putting a Master Clip in someone’s hand when they first
approach your booth/store, Dale sold about 7 Master Clips during this 5-day show, most of them on Friday and Saturday.
The main points of this story are:
 Don’t be afraid of skeptics. They often turn out to be your biggest advocates when they realize
what TE technology can do.
 Be patient with people. It takes them time to admit that something different is going on.
 Where you can, work with your customers. Just because they don’t buy, initially, doesn’t mean they didn’t benefit. Help them see what we’ve all learned. This stuff really works!”