Dr. Nenah Sylver, Author of the Rife Handbook Featured Tuning Element as one of the “Products That Heal”

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New Forms of Electromedical Devices: PASSIVE ONES 

In the past couple of decades, a new class of health-related products—ranging from jewelry to personal care creams—has emerged that utilizes frequencies. But unlike electromedical devices, these items do not rely on electricity or any other outside source of power to transmit the energy. The frequencies in these items are imbued with an energetic message, which is passively transmitted simply because the object is touching the body. Put another way, these items are imprinted: they are infused with information that is vibrational in nature.
Imprinting is not an exotic concept. Ever since homeopathy was developed in the 1790s by German medical doctor Samuel Hahnemann, it has been understood that virtually any substance—liquid or solid, such as water, metal, crystal, etc.—can be imprinted. In our modern times, people use this technology every day with their computers, iPods, cell phones and an automobiles-any device that depends on silica chips for processing. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese author of The Message from Water, showed how emotionally positive words such as “thanks” and “love,” typed on pieces of paper and placed under plain vials of water, structured the water differently than did emotionally negative words such as “angry” and “hate.” After all water samples were frozen, both the treated and untreated crystals were examined under a microscope. Positive words structured the water into lovely, six-sided crystalline shapes, while negative words yielded ugly, visually chaotic forms. Earlier I discussed how coherent waves—frequencies—are like music, whereas incoherent energy signatures are like noise. It is these principles of coherence and imprinting that are incorporated into items that—to distinguish them from devices that rely on electrical current for power—I will call passive energy products.

Tuning Element
Tuning Element (http://www.tuningelem.wpengine.com) is an eight-year-old company based in the United States that manufactures three types of products: pain relief patches, jewelry (mostly bracelets), and a container for water. The three products operate somewhat differently, although their functions do overlap.
There are three types of frequencies imbued into Tuning Element’s products. Some frequencies are anti-pathogen. Others provide energetic information that supports organs and glands. And still, others are what is known as the Schumann Resonances.
The anti-pathogen frequencies operate similarly to those emitted by an electronic frequency generator (see the section on Rife Therapy), except that these portable, passive energy products do not require electricity or batteries. The supportive frequencies provide the correct information of how healthy tissues in the body are supposed to resonate, and are based on the resonances known to be emitted by healthy tissue. The company analogizes the healing to a set of tuning forks that are of the same frequency, only one is vibrating and one is still. When the vibrating tuning fork is placed next to the one that is still, the movement of the first entrains the second: the entrained, formerly still tuning fork begins to resonate (“hum”) in harmony with the original. Because the body naturally strives to resonate at the proper frequency, the restorative frequencies will supersede the harmful frequencies of electrosmog. Put another way, the Tuning Element products imbued with the restorative frequencies act as an external reference point for the body. This passive technology helps to optimize body and brain function, restores missing or reduced cell communication, and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself more efficiently.
The third type of frequencies used in Tuning Element products are also restorative. They are known as the Schumann Resonances. Named after University of Munich professor Schumann who calculated, in the 1950s, the beneficial electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the Earth, these waveforms help balance various bodily functions (including brainwaves) that have been adversely affected by too much modern electrosmog. Over time, humans, as well as animals, evolved in synchronous rhythm with the Earth’s beneficial electromagnetic frequencies, which is a kind of natural “heartbeat.” The Schumann Resonance frequencies—as well as the normal body tissue frequencies—help remind the body to get back into balance. These restorative frequencies offer a vitally needed protection in today’s world of harmful electrosmog. All seven peaks of the Schumann Resonances are used.
Here are the three main product lines and their functions:

Relief Patches. These 1.25″ X 1.25″ patches are applied to painful areas of the body with a little water; there’s no glue to cause discomfort. Lasting from a few days to about a week, they don’t fall off and cannot be felt by the wearer. They can be worn in water, so taking a bath or shower, or going swimming, will not damage them much, if at all. The patches do not contain lotions, creams, or any nanoparticles; they work strictly by sending vibrational information to the body. These patches contain frequencies for pain. Some of the frequencies (noted in Chapter 5) are 880 Hz (for pathogens), 220 Hz for body function support, and the fundamental Schumann Resonance, 7.83.

Jewelry Line. The very stylish and artistically pleasing jewelry line consists of bracelets and one necklace, made of stainless steel, some ceramic, and a bit of gold and brass. The jewelry is categorized according to three levels. Level 1 contains frequencies that function primarily to stabilize the body’s electrical system. These stabilizing energies consist of tissue normalizing frequencies and the Schumann Resonances. Level 2 contains the frequencies of Level 1, with additional frequencies designed to deal with pathogens. Level 3 contains the frequencies of Levels 1 and 2, but even more pathogen-related frequencies than Level 2. People dealing with more than two or three health issues should wear the Level 3 bracelets, due to the range and number of frequencies the bracelets contain. The company also provides similar frequency-imbued tags for pets—dogs, cats and even horses and livestock—which are affixed to the collars or bridles. The embedded technology is designed to last for the lifetime of the products. No maintenance is required; all the person (or animal) has to do is wear the item.

Aqua-Tune water bottle. This cylindrical metal container is imbued with frequencies that structure any water that sits in it for at least 30 minutes. Structuring water involves changing, even slightly, the angle of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that comprise the water molecule. The structuring of water does not change the element, but it does alter how the water behaves. Researchers involved with structuring water in different ways all agree that properly structured water makes the water “wetter.” The fluid enters the cell more easily—where the water belongs—instead of remaining in the spaces between the cells (which causes unnatural edema in the body). Water from the Aqua-Tune bottle is also more oxygenated, a feature that’s increased even more when the container is shaken. The company emphasizes that anyone wearing the jewelry or pain relief patches must drink more water to flush out the wastes that naturally result from the increase in cell metabolism. An increased consumption of any water helps eliminate the possible headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms that are a normal result of detoxification. This structured water further accelerates cleansing so that waste materials can more easily leave the cell and nutrients can enter. As with any detoxification protocol, more fluid in the blood reduces the poison-to-liquid ratio.
The company has received many reports from satisfied customers who have worn the jewelry and/or patches 24/7. Accounts include relief from pain and illness, reduced swelling, more energy, better sleep, more focus and better moods, a greater range of motion, and more muscular strength. These benefits have enormous implications for people suffering from arthritis, nerve-related disorders (even ADHD), digestive problems, hormone imbalances and skin problems. One surgeon, Dr. Srbislov Brasovan of Chicago, Illinois, reports that clients who use the patches after surgery, heal much faster: they are on their feet in two weeks instead of two months. The Aqua-Tune water likewise shows great promise in helping to optimize body and brain function, restore cell communication, and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself more efficiently. In the summer of 2014, Missouri State University began testing the “before” and “after” results in people who are using the technology.
It is indeed exciting that not only are electromedical devices being investigated by credible researchers, but passive energy devices are now also being taken seriously.