Broadway Tenor George Dyer Wears Tuning Element

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George Dyer is a brilliant and accomplished tenor with an incredible gift for enchanting his audience and creating fast fans with every show! Your favorite Broadway and Movie hits, including popular songs from The Greatest Showman, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserable; beautiful and familiar songs from beloved operas; big ballads you know and love; and so much more from this multi-talented singer and his family. George keeps a busy schedule traveling the country performing in concerts and headlining in Branson, MO, “From Broadway to Buble starring George Dyer.” 

George Dyer and his wife Clarisse wear Tuning Element products and have enjoyed the health and wellness benefits for years. George’s current favorite product is the Level 3 Cortex Necklace. We asked George what liked so much about the Cortex; he replied, “it helps me recover three times faster when I do back to back performances.” George also sited that he liked having his Cortex close to his vocal cords. George recently picked up the new Aqua Tune Sport Bottle, but he didn’t use it very long as it became a popular item in his household. This is a good lesson that you always should get one Aqua Tune product per family member : )

Next time you’re in Branson, MO make sure visiting Tuning Element and go see “From Broadway to Buble starring George Dyer.” George has an Excellent rating on with 5 out of 5.