Top Breeder Recommends the Pet Clip

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For Better Pet Health and Behavior, top breeder Ann Quinn recommends the Tuning Element Pet Clip. Ann has used Pet Clips in her kennel since May of 2015 because it delivers natural earth & natural biological frequencies that promote health down to the cell level. It can be easily attached to collars. Shop Pet Clip

“I ain’t paying $500 for this bracelet, I can tell you that right now!”

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Laurie was taken aback by the woman’s comment at first, but she knew the power of low-range frequencies embedded into Tuning Element products and how it would help this hairdresser who was dealing with chronic issues in her elbow. On top of that, this woman was Laurie’s husband’s ex-wife. Laurie left the bracelet with her and returned the next day, thinking the bracelet would be coming back home with her because her husband’s ex didn’t value what frequencies can actually … Read More


Tuning ElementBusiness Opportunity

Machelle & Kevin first bought a Tuning Element product in season/year. Over the next months/years, they purchased a few more products and sent a dozen of their friends to Tuning Element to find help too. When one of Kevin’s friends asked “What’s your number or something so you can get credit for the sale?” he wondered if Tuning Element had a way for him to actually profit from selling the same product that had changed his life. When asked why … Read More


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If you only drink water when you’re thirsty, you’re probably living in a constant state of dehydration. The Aqua Tune water bottle is essential to own and use. The frequency infused structured water produced by an Aqua Tune Steel bottle or Aqua Tune Sport bottle can give you faster and deeper hydration than regular water. Leading doctors recognize the health benefits of structured water. Dr. Joseph Mercola stated, “When you nourish your body with structured water, you are restoring your … Read More

Lacking sleep? You should know this & what to do.

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Getting Enough Sleep? | Tuning Element

10 Surprising Effects of Lack of Sleep WebMD list some of the effects to include stroke, diabtes, lower labido, and depression to name a few. (click link above to read the article) Fight sleep loss by supporting your body’s electric system and sleep processes with the Tuning Element Sleep Necklace.  You now know that your body needs sleep. If you don’t get your sleep, your health will eventually be affected and can lead to serious health issues. So, the first … Read More

Introducing the B.E. Well Patch by Tuning Element

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We are proud to introduce the B.E. Well Patch, that we just released on and it’s aimed at children and adults dealing with behavioral challenges. Through the last three years of studies with Missouri State University, Green Pediatrics, AMALNA Consulting, and Tuning Element, we’ve had early success with families raising a child with mild to severe autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and depressed teens. During our initial test rollout, parents made these comments about the impact they’ve seen: After an appointment … Read More

AMALNA Report: Influence of Tuning Element Relief Patches on Pain Through Ion Channels as Predicted by the Resonant Recognition Model (RRM)

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Synopsis of research: Influence of Tuning Element Relief Patches on Pain Through Ion Channels as Predicted by the Resonant Recognition Model (RRM) Aim Pain both, acute and chronic, is a debilitating medical condition that is a major cause of suffering in the general population and has a major impact on the economy. Very often source of pain cannot be cured, but can only be treated symptomatically. Currently, pharmaceutical approaches are used, based on channel blockers including neurotoxins, which are costly … Read More

Our Warranty & Repair Specialist Tips On Product Care

Tuning ElementProduct Care

In the Repair Department, I am often asked about the best course of action to take if a product develops a structural issue. Tuning Element gladly offers repair or replacement free of charge for any manufacturer defect within 12 months of the date of purchase. This is our standard warranty and is provided within the gold product booklet you received at the time of your purchase. In order to keep your investment in the best shape possible, there are a … Read More