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By Srbislav Brasovan, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Director of the Research and Development Department and Chairman of the Institutional Review Board at Tuning Element, L.L.C. ABSTRACT:  Objectives: Develop supportive adjunct in pain management to decrease opioid use. Material and methods: We utilized 3×3 cm Silicon Patches infused with Titanium Salt (SPTS) and imprinted with Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEMF). Being semiconductors, they are passive ELEMF products. SPTS are activated by a Human Biofield. When in contact with the skin, skin acts as … Read More

Did you know that Cats Use Frequencies for Self-Care?

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Cats love Tuning Element frequencies

We have all heard the saying cats have nine lives. The cat is an amazing creature with great resiliency which has long captured the fascination of scientists and doctors. In Dr. Nenah Sylver’s book the Rife Handbook, she highlights a famous veterinarian study that took a look at how cats seem to escaped death on a regular basis1. In the study, the researchers reviewed many cases where cats have fallen out of windows and balconies of high rise buildings. They … Read More

New Product – 3 Layer K N95 Masks

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NOW AVAILABLE – Ships  from Missouri, USA  Limited Quantity 3D KN 95 Mask 3 Layer Product Description: (1) Medical grade Melt-blown fabric. (2) Level SSS Non-woven fabrics. (3) Filtration efficiency >95%. (4) 3 Ply protection. Packing specification: 1 per package SHOP NOW Universal mask-wearing is the most overlooked COVID-19 lifesaver 😷 Western countries are experiencing higher rates of COVID-19 infections compared to Asian countries because of the West’s aversion to wearing masks.We need universal mask-wearing to aid in lowering COVID-19’s virality. Updated … Read More

New Product – Surgical Mask 50 Pack Boxes

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Disposable Mask 3 Layer from KADI Biological – 50 Pack $125.00 $99.00 SHOP NOW In-Stock Now – Ships Daily Monday thru Friday Limited Quantity – Disposable Qty: 50 Masks per package (1) Elastic ear loops offer a custom fit. (2) Nose bar adaptable. (3) Hypoallergenic. (4) High filtration capacity. (5) Very low resistance to breathing. Universal mask-wearing is the most overlooked COVID-19 lifesaver 😷 Western countries are experiencing higher rates of COVID-19 infections compared to Asian countries because of the West’s aversion … Read More

Protective MASKS Now Available

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K N 95 Mask Antibacterial Mask 5 Layers of Protection SHOP NOW Product Description: (1) White non-woven fabric surface layer: block air pollution particles from entering. (2) Ultrafine melt-blown filter paper layer effectively prevents PM2.5 particles from entering. (3) Antibacterial layer: block air pollution particles from entering and prevent foreign bacteria from spreading their own bacteria. (4) High-quality non-woven inner layer: soft fabric, breathable and thin. (5) Non-woven fabric layer: Non-woven fabric layer, complete filtering. RE-USING and CLEANING Instructions: Per … Read More

Tuning Element Product Booklet Online

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THANK YOU!  Congratulations on your decision to support your own health and wellness with Tuning Element. We thank you for your purchase and we appreciate your confidence in us. Our proprietary technology was created and perfected in the United States a decade ago. Our products are specially crafted from high-quality materials and embedded with proprietary, natural frequencies that support your wellness and energy. Enjoy! Please share with us on Facebook all of your exciting discoveries with your new Tuning Element … Read More

We support the forgotten side of human health.

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When it comes to your health, it’s important to look at everything your body needs. It’s our hope that you’re already supporting your body’s biochemical needs through frequent exercise, a healthy diet, taking vitamins or supplements, hydration, and getting enough rest. But what are you doing to support your body’s electric system? By using natural frequencies permanently embedded in patches, jewelry, and water bottles, Tuning Element is supporting your body’s biofield, as the United States Institute of Health calls it. … Read More