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Sean Martinez, Founder & CEO

Tuning Element in 2010 was born from a lifelong dream and vision to bless, help, encourage, remind the people that they are not done yet and inspire people to do what they thought they couldn’t do anymore.  This journey has not been an easy one but surely a rewarding one. Not knowing that I personally could make this much of a difference in the lives of people where it counts most is nothing short of a miracle.  The secrets for me are as such; a) Putting my faith in Christ alone. b) Searching where my personal gifting is and walking it out. c) Disregarding all naysayers especially myself. d) Working towards what gets you out of bed every day with no regard to cost, ability, and qualifications.  e) Doing it over and over every day until you reach excellence – which will take a lifetime to complete because I am a full-timer, not a part-timer.

What happens next is miraculous.  You begin to attract people who see your vision and are willing to stake their names alongside yours through the thick and thin.  It is through these personal beliefs that Tuning Element was even born from the beginning to let alone thriving today. It is certainly not because I or our team is so smart (though we are smart to a point) but because we chose to become who we are supposed to be.  We are certainly not there yet but one day soon people will hear and know that there is a better and faster way to energetic nutrition. That the human biofield is the fastest form of communication within the human body. That Tuning Element has created a proprietary technology that supports and feeds this form of communication within the body.  That “it is through frequency and vibration that the secrets of the universe are hidden” so eloquently stated by Nikola Tesla in 1942. And it is through this belief that one day Tuning Element will one day change the medical books.


Sean Martinez

Founder & President

Tuning Element, LLC