The Smart Way to Feel Better

Why do we feel "off" balance?

          It is proven that the human body has an energy imbalance due to years of industrialization, deforestation, and insulation from the earth’s natural frequencies. Never before in history have there been so many harmful EMF pollutants in our environment, so we developed a line of SMART Jewelry™️ that promotes energetic balance the body needs. This allows you to live and thrive along with present technology.©

         Tuning Element’s SMART Jewelry™️ uses our innovative frequency blends to better lives by supporting pain management and your body’s electric system, also known as the human biofield. Our products support the body’s natural functions shown in published scientific literature. With every product we engineer, your essential wellness is at the core of it all. Now, say hello to a better you.© Buy now.

          It's essential to look at everything your body needs. We hope that you're already supporting your body's biochemical needs through nutrition, supplements, and proper hydration, but what are you doing for your body's electric system? You'll be amazed by what your body can do and how you can feel with Smart Jewelry™ by Tuning Element . We permanently embed our signature frequency blends in all of our Smart Jewelry™, water bottles, relief patches, and clips that support pain management and normal cell function.


More Products Featuring Our Technology


You don’t know hydration if you don’t have an Aqua Tune bottle. The Aqua Tune gives you tuned water that gives you deeper hydration.1, 2, 3, 4

What is Tuned Water? It’s Structured Water infused with beneficial frequencies. Celebrity doctors recommend Structured Water to improve health.5, 6, 7

Our Aqua Tune bottle tunes water 10 times faster and $700 less than other bottles that structure water today. No batteries or external power required!

Sleep Necklace

Tuning Element | Sleep Products

The Sleep Necklace by Tuning Element feature a special beneficial blend of frequencies that support your body’s sleep cycle.12, 13
Sleeping more is good, sleeping better is essential!


The 5 Minute Relief Patch by Tuning Element is a comfortable all natural, non-medicated patch that helps support pain management. These patches can last 2 to 10 days depending on location and activity level.8, 9, 10, 11