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FREE AquaMist Spray Bottle

When you order any Level 4 or higher Smart Jewelry with an Aqua Tune Level 3. You'll save thousands of dollars on expensive facial creams. This bottle is tuned with a new blend of skin revitalizing frequencies. A $500 value.
The AquaMist bottle will be automatically added to your shipment, it will not be on your invoice. These bottles contain a tune glass reservoir, do not drop.

This promotional release of the AquaMist Spray bottle was first made to our Tuning Element Independent Dealer last summer. The response to the AquaMist has been nothing short of overwhelming. Our dealers reported experiencing younger feeling and looking skin. After months of use, we have reports of age spots and moles diminishing. Results will vary from person to person. Use the AquaMist to hydrate your skin daily. This micro sprayer provides a fine mist evenly that you can let dry on your face. Dr. Srba decided to only spray one side of his face and one hand to demonstrate how well it works. Stay tuned, we will be releasing his video this month!