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 There are few times in history when people have been under so many stressors from life and our environment that affect the healthy function of our cells. We developed a line of personal wellness products that provide focused support to the cell, helping them function naturally without side effects. Our Research and Development team's breakthroughs are the fruit of experimentation and the application of discoveries by medical doctors, scientists, researchers, and Nobel Prizes recipients across multiple disciplines concerning cell function.

   Tuning Element patches, water bottles, Smart Jewelry, and clips emit various cell communication resonance signals to crucial areas of the body. These signals act like a tuning fork to your cells and energize the cells' electromagnetic field (Biofield), which aids in the cell's energy production (mitochondria). Our customers and patients of doctors that utilize Tuning Element products report improvements in energy, stress reduction, recovery, supporting pain management, and general wellness.

 All of Tuning Element's products are designed by doctors and scientists working with an Independent Medical Review Board to improve your quality of life. We do so by supporting pain management, cell communication, and your body's electric system, also known as the human Biofield. Our product's capability to support the body's natural functions has been shown in peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature. 

    The Tuning Element logo is comprised of two tuning forks representing Tuning Element's technology and our body's electric system. This highlights our products' supportive action of sympathetic resonance with select cells through their electromagnetic system (Biofield).

     We have products for every stage of life and activity level. With every product we engineer, your essential wellness is at the core of it all. Do you need relief, improved recovery, less stress, restful sleep, deeper hydration, or help to maintain the level of health and wellness you already enjoy? See our products