A Day in the Life of Tuning Element’s New General Manager

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As I spent time today trying to decide what to include in my first blog entry as General Manager of Tuning Element, I realized it is my first blog entry, ever. That made it a little more difficult to select a topic. Do I start with a witty comment? Do I present an outline of material to be covered and a list of expected outcomes? In the end, I settled on a “day in the life approach”.

Since the GM position is a new one for Tuning Element, activities vary each day.  An unplanned exit of an employee required a very quick transition to the position of part-time Dealer Representative. A trial group testing a new product required a study design and the understanding of controls and protocols. Clean-up and repair at new stores required becoming an expert on light fixtures and sourcing large numbers of bulbs. A driver mishap at the store next to our downtown Branson store gave the opportunity to observe that the large new crack in our own building was not normal and needed attention: Enter the opportunity to build skill in landlord-tenant relations. Adding final touches to a lease for a new location showed how long things can take when both sides of a negotiation are passionate about their product.

In short, the position is never boring. There are two more things that occur every day, and they are by far my most favorite. Speaking to current and prospective customers gives a great opportunity to hear about the good stories involving our products. Speaking to Tuning Element Dealers reminds me that we are not in this business alone. As a company, we need to continue our growth and development. We have a good core group in place at the corporate office, and we continue to strengthen that foundation to help with the growth and activity we know is coming very soon. We will remain good stewards of what we have, and we will continue to provide stable partnerships to the people who sell and believe in our product. I am honored that Sean and Ruby Martinez gave me this opportunity, and I can’t wait to be part of where this company is headed. -Scott

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